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Vocational Trades Courses

Distance Learning Vocational Trades Career Training Courses

Stratford Career Institute is one of the world’s most respected distance learning trade schools. We specialize in quality career training courses for a number of rewarding vocational trades. Enroll in one of our vocational trades courses today!

Auto Mechanics
Stratford's Auto Mechanics course covers all systems and procedures related to the maintenance and repair of automobiles, including the most modern diagnostic techniques and performance testing. Introductory training covers topics such as engine principles and components, tools, fasteners, and safety issues. The advanced lessons of our automotive course trace components and systems individually and in detail.
Auto Mechanics Course Details »
Canine Specialist
Stratford Career Institute's home study Canine Specialist can help you gain comprehensive knowledge regarding the care and training of a variety of dogs. The course covers dog breeds, training, behavior, nutrition and starting a business of your own.
Canine Specialist Course Details »
Cat Health and Nutrition
Stratford Career Institute's home study Cat Health and Nutrition course can help you gain comprehensive knowledge regarding the care and training of a variety of cats. The course covers cat breeds, training, behavior, nutrition and starting a business of your own.
Cat Health and Nutrition Course Details »
Conservation/Environmental Sciences
A career in the field of Conservation/Environmental Sciences will appeal to independent people who have a real love for plant and animal life, and who enjoy being outdoors in all kinds of weather. To do the work well, you must work hard, display enthusiasm and be willing to apply what you have learned through your studies at Stratford.
Conservation/Environmental Sciences Course Details »
Contractor/Construction Management
The Contractor/Construction Management course covers many aspects of a career in construction management. A Construction Manager is trained to coordinate and supervise the different aspects necessary to complete a construction project. Construction managers play a large role as mediator between owners, designers, contractors and suppliers. They oversee the entire process, from inception to design to execution, while maintaining the project within the budget and timeline.
Contractor/Construction Management Course Details »
Stratford's Electrician training program is a broad and detailed course of studies, covering all major aspects of the work of residential electricians. Topics include electrical connections and circuits, circuit protection devices, signal systems, residential wiring, electric heating, and motor control. Introductory units present electrical theory, as well as background on tools, materials, testing, and safety.
Electrician Course Details »
Gardening & Landscaping
The Gardening/Landscaping course is specially designed to address the learning needs both of the serious hobbyist, and of students wishing to pursue careers in the landscaping business. Topics covered include gardening under a variety of conditions, controlling pests and diseases, and growing plants for food. The landscaping sections explore the principles of landscape design, selection and use of materials and construction methods, lawn installation, costing, maintenance, and interior plantscaping.
Gardening & Landscaping Course Details »
Home Inspector
Home Inspection is a rewarding field that combines a solid earning potential with plenty of job opportunities. Home Inspectors are employed by realtors, mortgage, engineering and architectural firms, and local government. You can even start your own Home Inspection business and be your own boss.
Home Inspector Course Details »
Stratford's Professional Locksmith training program covers the requirements and practices of the modern locksmithing profession. Tools, work methods and business considerations are explored, along with technical training on virtually every type of lock in current use, whether residential, commercial, or high security. Installation, troubleshooting, recoding and rekeying are covered, along with master keying, emergency entry, and a wide range of special systems and applications.
Locksmith Course Details »
Motorcycle/ATV Repair
If you’re looking for a career that combines solid earning potential with a great future, look no further. Our Motorcycle/ATV repair and service school prepares you for this fast growing field filled with plenty of opportunity for people with the right skills. Skills you can learn at home in your spare time with Stratford’s Motorcycle Repair school.
Motorcycle/ATV Repair Course Details »
Stratford's plumbing training course covers all primary aspects of commercial and residential plumbing, including some home repair plumbing. Stratford's course offers answers to a number of plumbing questions and provides some do-it-yourself plumbing instruction. Introductory units provide instruction on basic pipefitting techniques to soldering and more.
Plumbing Course Details »
Small Engine Repair
Small Engine Repair begins with the basic engine fundamentals, then traces all major engine systems used in lawn mowers, chain saws, outboard motors, portable generators, motorbikes, motorcycles, and several other types of equipment. Besides engine maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, there are sections on electrical systems, starting systems, ignition components and the servicing of small diesel engines.
Small Engine Repair Course Details »
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