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Auto Mechanics

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Auto Mechanics Course Tuition
Price : $895.00
Minimum Down Payment :
Monthly Payment :

Tuition Payment Options

Stratford Career Institute's pricing is simple. Our all-inclusive tuition fee includes everything you need to graduate.

You have two convenient payment options available to you:
A single payment of $895.00 by check, money order, or credit card.
Down Payment: $10.00
Number of Monthly Payments: 24
Monthly Payment Amount: $43.76

Or Design Your Own Monthly Payment Plan!

During the enrollment process, you can use our Easy Payment Calculator to design a monthly payment plan that works best for you! Use the minimum payment amounts above as a starting point, or pay more if your budget allows.

Auto Mechanics Program

"I have been able to achieve my goals and increase my job security as well as opening new doors to pursuing other employment. The tuition is a small price to pay for the satisfaction and confidence that comes with knowing you helped yourself to advance in today's workforce."

Derek P.

"This course enriched my skills and taught me how to fix my own vehicles. "

Stephen C.

"This course has helped me learn new skills and to become my own boss in the Auto Mechanic world."

Tanya N.

"SCI training has helped me better understand my way through diagnostics around an automobile and has helped me with my confidence to look at vehicles in a more professional manner."

Rick E.