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Child Psychology

Distance Learning Course Summary
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Child Psychology

A child psychology and child development education can prove helpful in many different career paths, including teaching, counseling, ministry, health care, law enforcement - and of course, parenting. Now you can upgrade your knowledge exponentially with Stratford Career Institute’s child development and psychology education program.

Stratford's comprehensive program can give you insight into genetics, behavior, psychotherapy, theories and much more. You’ll gain practical knowledge that could applied in your work or at home with the kids.

This course is self-contained and written at a level that is understandable to all - whether this is your first child psychology course, or you have already received other professional training in psychology or counseling.
Child Psychology Module 1
History, Theories, and Methods in Child Development Studies

• What is Child Development?
• Theories of Child Development
• Studies in Child Development
• Influence of Heredity on Development
• Nature versus Nurture
• Conception
• Stages of Prenatal Development
• Environmental Influences on Prenatal Development

Child Psychology Module 2
Birth and the Newborn Baby

• Stages and Methods of Childbirth
• Postpartum Period
• Characteristics of Neonates
• Physical Development in Infancy
• Motor and Sensory Development
• Cognitive Development
• Language Development
• Social and Emotional Development
• Attachment
• Personality Development

Child Psychology Module 3
Early and Middle Childhood

• Physical Development
• Growth Patterns and Motor Development
• Nutrition, Health and Illness
• Sleep and Elimination Disorders
• Factors in Cognitive Development
• Theory of the Mind
• Development of Memory
• Language Development
• Social Influences on Development
• Social Behaviors
• Personality and Emotional Development
• Gender Roles and Sex Differences
• Children with Disabilities

Child Psychology Module 4
Middle Childhood to Adolescence

• Concrete-Operational Stage
• Moral Development
• Information Processing
• Intellectual Development, Creativity and Achievement
• Language Development and Literacy
• Theories of Social and Emotional Development
• Influence of Family, Peers and School
• Social and Emotional Problems
• Puberty
• Health and Sexuality
• Development of Identity and Self-Concept
• Delinquency and Suicide
• Emerging Adulthood

This educational program is an introductory course designed to help students gain knowledge necessary for the vocational application of this subject. Completion of this program does not fulfill the legal requirements of particular state licenses or certifications, which may require additional training or apprenticeships.

We take great pride in providing you with the most up-to-date textbooks and equipment. One or more of the above-mentioned subjects may, therefore, change if updating becomes necessary during the course of your studies. The order in which the course material is presented may vary.
Child Psychology Course

"It has given me knowledge and understanding."

Rohan F.

"This course material helped me gain knowledge in pursuing my future career goals."

Francisa K.