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Conservation/Environmental Sciences

Distance Learning Course Summary
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Conservation/Environmental Sciences

Whether you are passionate about preserving the Earth's resources or interested in furthering your knowledge about careers in environmental science, Stratford's course can help you get started!

Water and energy conservation are becoming increasingly important topics in today's society. Many people want to learn more conservation and environmental science careers and their significance in today's world.

Stratford's convenient and affordable home study course is an excellent place to begin learning more about sustainable living and renewable energy. Enrol Today!

Conservation/ Environmental Science Module 1
Introduction to Environmental Protection, Natural Systems and Human Systems

• Environmental Science and Critical Thinking
• Environmental Protection and Sustainability
• Understanding the Root Causes of the Environmental Crisis
• Principles of Ecology: How Ecosystems Work
• Biomes and Aquatic Life Zones
• Self-Sustaining Mechanisms in Ecosystems
• Human Ecology: Our Changing Relationship with the Environment
• The Population Challenge
• Measuring Population Growth and Its Impact
• Stabilizing the Human Population: Strategies for Sustainability

Conservation/ Environmental Science Module 2
Resource Issues: Solutions for a Sustainable Society

• Creating a Sustainable System of Agriculture to Feed the World’s People
• Preserving Biological Diversity
• Grasslands, Forests, and Wilderness: Sustainable Management Strategies
• Water Resources: Preserving Our Liquid Assets and Protecting Aquatic Ecosystems
• Nonrenewable Energy Sources
• Foundations of a Sustainable Energy System: Conservation and Renewable Energy
• The Earth and Its Mineral Resources
• Creating Sustainable Cities, Suburbs, and Towns

Conservation/ Environmental Science Module 3
Learning to Live with the Earth’s Carrying Capacity

• Principles of Toxicology and Risk Assessment
• Air Pollution and Noise: Living and Working in a Healthy Environment
• Global Air Pollution: Ozone Depletion, Acid Deposition, and Global Climate Change
• Water Pollution: Sustainably Managing a Renewable Resource
• Pests and Pesticides: Growing Crops Sustainably
• Hazardous and Solid Wastes: Sustainable Solutions
• Environmental Ethics: The Foundation of a Sustainable Society
• Sustainable Economics: Industrial Nations
• Sustainable Economic Development: Developing Nations
• Law, Government, and Society
Conservation/Environmental Sciences Program

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