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Real Estate Appraiser

Distance Learning Course Summary
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Real Estate Appraiser

Real estate appraisers help determine the value of a property based on a variety of factors such as location of the building, architecture, renovations, safety features and more.

Students enrolled in this course can learn everything from inspection and analysis to legalities and contracts.

Developed by professionals in the field, our course can help you train at home in your spare time to learn more about the important principles and practices utilized by some of today’s most successful real estate appraisers.
Real Estate Appraiser Module 1
An Introduction to Appraising and Inspecting Homes

• Roles and Activities of Real Estate Professionals
• Determinants of Property Value
• Basic Valuation Concepts
• Ethics and Liability for Real Estate Professionals
• The Business Side of Real Estate
• Diary of a Typical Home Sale

Real Estate Appraiser Module 2
The Basics of Real Estate Appraisals

• Real Estate Appraisal and You
• Legal Considerations in Appraisal
• The Formal Appraisal Process
• Focus on Neighborhood, Community, and Market
• Real Estate Economics and Value
• Property Inspection and Analysis: the Site
• Property Inspection and Analysis: the Improvements

Real Estate Appraiser Module 3
More on the Basics of Real Estate Appraisals

• The Sales Comparison Approach
• Analyzing and Adjusting Comparable Sales
• Valuing the Site
• Introducing the Cost Approach
• Estimating Loss in Value: Accrued Depreciation
• The Income Approach

Real Estate Appraiser Module 4
Advanced Topics Regarding Basic Real Estate Appraisals

• Income Capitalization: Rates and Techniques
• Reconciling the Value Estimates
• Reporting Appraisal Opinions
• Appraising Special Ownership and Interests
• The Professional Appraiser

Real Estate Appraiser Module 5
Real Estate Principles and Practices

• Nature and Description of Real Estate
• Rights and Interest in Land
• Forms of Ownership
• Transferring Title
• Contract Law
• Real Estate Sales Contracts
• Deed of Trust
• Lending Practices
• The Loan and the Consumer
• Sources and Types of Financing

Real Estate Appraiser Module 6
More on Real Estate Principles and Practices

• Taxes and Assessments
• Title Closing and Escrow
• Real Estate Leases
• Real Estate Appraisal
• Licensing Laws and Professional Affiliation
• The Principal-Broker Relationship
• Fair Housing Laws
• Property Insurance
• Land-Use Control
• Real Estate and the Economy
• Investing in Real Estate

This program is specifically designed to serve as an introduction or enhancement of the theoretical knowledge required for the vocational application of this subject. It is intended to help individuals in the furtherance of their vocational training and is not intended as a substitute for licensing or certification requirements, which may include an apprenticeship or additional training, as required by law.

We take great pride in providing you with the most up-to-date real estate appraiser textbooks and equipment. One or more of the above-mentioned subjects may, therefore, change if updating becomes necessary in learning more about the work of real estate appraisers. The order in which the material is presented may vary.

Real Estate Appraiser Course

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