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Psychology/Social Work
Distance Learning Course Summary

Study to become a social work assistant

Stratford can help you learn more about how to become a social worker by providing instruction on psychology and human behavior as it applies to a broad range of social work careers, in particular, for a career as a social work assistant. Stratford can help you learn the fundamentals about a career as a social work assistant, as well as provide insight on the process of how to become a social worker.

Becoming a social worker usually involves getting a college degree. So, before you spend thousands of dollars on expensive college tuition, let Stratford first help you determine if social work careers are for you.

Learn more about social work careers

Stratford can help you learn the fundamentals about becoming a social work assistant, including topics such as:
• The foundations of human behavior and socialization
• Social psychology and human values
• Human nature, gender and cultural diversity
• Social work as a profession and career
• Social work in the school and in the workplace
• Common concerns of beginning social work helpers

View the complete psychology/social work course outline.

Learn about social work careers at home

Stratford’s training methods allow you to learn more about how to become a social worker in the comfort of your own home. Learning more about the work of a social work assistant has never been more convenient. All of your psychology/social work materials are delivered to your door, so you learn more about how to become a social worker when and where it is most convenient for you.

Stratford's qualified instructors are only a toll-free call away if you need assistance. You could get your career diploma in as little as six months, or if you prefer, take up to two years to graduate.

Once you are enroled with Stratford, your low tuition fee covers everything you need to successfully graduate and earn your career diploma, including:
• All textbooks, study guides, and learning aids
• A full range of student services, including online exams
• A personalized career diploma upon graduation
• Unlimited access to qualified instructors by e-mail or toll-free phone
• Free shipping and handling.

Start learning more about social worker jobs today!
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Psychology Social Work Course
I completed my course with loads of knowledge and a full understanding and appreciation of the area of my studies. — C.B. - Ontario
Social Work Assistant
I enjoyed the reading material. It is written in a way that I found educational yet entertaining. — G.M. – Alberta
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