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English as a Second Language

Distance Learning Course Summary
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English as a Second Language

Stratford's English as a Second Language (ESL) course can help you learn English at home at a pace that is most comfortable to you. Our self-guided program offers students the opportunity to improve their English language skills so they can better communicate with others in their personal life or in the workplace.

Learning English as a Second Language could help you gain confidence, breakdown communication barriers, or even help you start toward an exciting, new career.

Don't let your limited English skills prevent you from enhancing your life or expanding your opportunities. Stratford has already helped many students learn English, and now we're ready to help you!
English as a Second Language Module 1
Conversation Skills Are Developed

Reading and writing are important skills, but we begin the ESL program with emphasis on listening and speaking. The main focus of the program is developing your ability to use English in your everyday personal and workplace situations.

You will receive a student assignment booklet and audio CD which are designed to help you learn to speak English. All you need to do is follow the directions in your student assignment booklet to understand how and when to use each component of the program.

English as a Second Language Module 2
Literacy in the Workplace

You will learn the basic English necessary to survive on the job.

• Completing simple forms and asking for directions
• Identifying places at work
• Following simple instructions for using common machines at work
• Greeting customers, taking their orders and offering assistance
• Understanding good work habits
• Working with money, both at work and at home
• Following safety rules at work
• Reading help wanted ads, and completing a job application

English as a Second Language Module 3
Everyday English

You will learn the basic English necessary to survive in your new life.

• Introducing yourself and completing an Identification form
• Reading maps, following directions and using a payphone
• Calendars, times and dates, store hour signs, and the weather
• The supermarket, reading price tags and expiration dates
• Shopping for clothes, comparison shopping, and writing checks
• Buying or renting a home, asking for simple repairs
• Making doctors’ appointments, listening to doctors’ instructions
• Reading help wanted ads, completing job applications
• Using public transportation and reading traffic signs

English as a Second Language Module 4
Basic Skills in Reading

Your readings include a variety of sources such as popular literature, classical literature, articles, reviews, and workplace-related materials.

• Fiction - Includes many different examples from novels and short stories
• Nonfiction - biographies, autobiographies, essays, magazine articles, reviews
• Poetry and Drama - popular, social, and classical aspects of each are covered
• Prose and Visual Information - brochures and ads, calendars and schedules, forms and documents, manuals and handbooks, drawings and diagrams, charts and graphs

English as a Second Language Module 5
Basic Skills in Writing

Writing is a form of expression and communication. When you write well, others can understand what you are saying. You will learn to use the writing process to your advantage.

• Essay and Creative Writing - the writing process, narrative writing, descriptive writing, expository writing, persuasive writing
• Workplace and Personal Writing - letter writing, job search writing, workplace writing, explanatory writing, report writing
• Grammar Guide - mechanics, usage, sentence structure
• Writing Handbook - models, editing, checklist, proofreading

We take great pride in providing you with the most up-to-date textbooks and equipment. One or more of the above-mentioned subjects may, therefore, change if updating becomes necessary during the course of your studies. The order in which the material is presented may vary.
English as a Second Language Program

"English as a Second Language was an excellent course. I learned a lot of vocabulary and feel more confident now. This course helped me to better understand many things regarding writing and vocabulary."

Daneisy A.

"Before this course I could not write simple sentences, and now I can write school notes for my kids."

Thayaliny S.