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French as a Second Language

Distance Learning Course Summary
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French as a Second Language

Stratford’s French as a Second Language (FSL) program is designed for anyone with a desire to communicate effectively in French.

French language skills can make an employee more valuable in Canada. In fact, for many careers, knowledge of the French language is essential. Perhaps you, or someone you know, are looking to upgrade your French language skills. If so, there is no better method than Stratford Career Institute's French as a Second Language (FSL) program.

Study at home in your spare time, using proven training methods perfected by Stratford, an innovative leader in home study training courses.
Introduction to French as a Second Language
· Basic vocabulary
· Things in your life
· Listening and comprehension exercises
· Beginning to read and write in French

French is Fun, Part One
· Words that are Similar in French and English
· Making Things Plural
· Counting and Telling Time in French
· Expressing Actions
· Using ER Verbs
· Asking Questions and Saying No in French
· Expressing Possession
· Talking about Professions and Trades
· Using the Verbs être, avoir, and faire
· Expressing the Days and the Months
· Weather and the Seasons
· Using IR Verbs
· Inversion and Question Words

French is Fun, Part Two
· Using RE Verbs
· Making Commands
· Forming Contractions
· Visiting Paris and Going Places in French
· Using the Verb aller
· Expressing Locations
· Prepositions
· Using Singular and Plural
· Using vouloir and pouvoir
· Talking about Countries, Nationalities, and Languages
· Using the Verbs prendre, voir, and recevoir
· Expressing Actions in the Past

French is Fun, Part Three
· Using Irregular Adjectives
· Using quel, savoir, and connaître
· Verbs with Spelling Changes
· Using Reflexive Verbs
· Irregular IR Verbs
· Using devoir, mettre, and ouvrir
· Working with Adverbs
· Negatives and Negative Expressions
· Using lire, dire, and écrire
· The passé composé of Irregular Verbs
· Giving Opinions
· Expressing Time

French is Fun, Part Four
· Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
· Making Comparisons
· Working with Direct-Object Pronouns
· Indirect Object Pronouns
· Double-Object Pronouns
· Using courir and il faut
· Visiting a Parisian Quarter
· Expressing Quantities
· Forming and Using the Future Tense;
· Using the Future of Irregular Verbs

We take great pride in providing you with the most up-to-date textbooks and equipment. One or more of the above-mentioned subjects may, therefore, change if updating becomes necessary during the course of your studies. The order in which the material is presented may vary.
French as a Second Language Course

"This training encouraged me to speak French more often, and it gave me more confidence to work in customer service."

Etienne N.