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French as a Second Language

Distance Learning Course Summary
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French as a Second Language

Stratfordís French as a Second Language (FSL) program is designed for anyone with a desire to communicate effectively in French.

French language skills can make an employee more valuable in Canada. In fact, for many careers, knowledge of the French language is essential. Perhaps you, or someone you know, are looking to upgrade your French language skills. If so, there is no better method than Stratford Career Institute's French as a Second Language (FSL) program.

Study at home in your spare time, using proven training methods perfected by Stratford, an innovative leader in home study training courses.
French as a 2nd Language Module 1
Introduction to French as a Second Language

∑ Basic vocabulary
∑ Things in your life
∑ Listening and comprehension exercises
∑ Beginning to read and write in French

French as a 2nd Language Module 2
Getting to Know You

∑ Presentations
∑ The Alphabet
∑ French Sounds
∑ The French Pronouns
∑ The Verb " tre"
∑ Masculine and Feminine
∑ Singular and Plural
∑ Gender and Numbers
∑ The Verb "Avoir"
∑ Regular and Irregular Verbs
∑ Prepositions Used for Places/Directions
∑ Contractions
∑ The Irregular Verbs
∑ Days-Months-Seasons-Dates
∑ Parts of the Human Body

French as a 2nd Language Module 3
Studies and Careers

∑ How's the Weather? ("Quel temps fait-il?")
∑ Expressions of Quantity
∑ Names of Professions Using " tre"
∑ Prepositions with Geographic Names
∑ Names of Nationalities
∑ Vocabulary for Transportation
∑ Adverbs
∑ Comparative Adjectives

French as a 2nd Language Module 4
Places and People

∑ The Conditional Tenses
∑ The Conditional Sentences
∑ The Possessive Pronouns
∑ The Pluperfect (Plus-que-parfait)
∑ Chronological Sequence, Logical Consequences, and Opposition
∑ The Present Participle
∑ Negations
∑ Using "Ne.....que"
∑ Relative Pronouns and Prepositions

We take great pride in providing you with the most up-to-date textbooks and equipment. One or more of the above-mentioned subjects may, therefore, change if updating becomes necessary during the course of your studies. The order in which the material is presented may vary.
French as a Second Language Course

"This training encouraged me to speak French more often, and it gave me more confidence to work in customer service."

Etienne N.