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Business Courses

Distance Learning Business Career Training Courses

Stratford Career Institute's business career training courses can help you learn the business skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Look at our entire list of business training courses below and find the distance learning course that's right for you!

Stratford's Accounting course prepares the student for a broad range of manual and computerized accounting functions, including ledgers, journals, balance sheets, cash control, payroll, and financial statements. Topics like end-of-period accounting, partnerships and corporations, accounting for a merchandising business, and analysis of financial statements are also covered in depth.
Accounting Course Details »
Administrative Assistant/Secretary
Stratford's Administrative Assistant/Secretary business training course prepares you for the role of the administrative assistant in the modern working environment. You will be trained in secretarial procedures for the automated office. Lessons on administrative support services cover topics such as assisting at conferences, banking, and record keeping.
Administrative Assistant/Secretary Course Details »
Stratford's Bookkeeping business career training course has been prepared with the aim of concentrating on the tasks of professional bookkeepers. Detailed procedures are provided on manual and computerized posting, use of integrated software, and emphasis on a variety of accounting systems and functions including accounts receivable, banking, inventory control, cost accounting, and many other essential topics.
Bookkeeping Course Details »
Business Management
Stratford’s Business Management training course focuses on the latest perspectives of critical topics such as business organization and systems, human resources management, marketing and finance, statistics and data management, business law, labor relations, international business, the securities market, and computers. There is also a special section on career planning.
Business Management Course Details »
Funeral Service Education
The Funeral Service Education course prepares students for administrative positions in this unique and specialized field. The program covers a wide variety of subjects including grief psychology, bereavement counseling, business fundamentals of the industry, and the history, theory and practice of embalming and restorative arts. Course exemptions may be awarded based on academic merit, relevant professional experience, or career objectives.
Funeral Service Education Course Details »
Hotel & Restaurant Management
The Hotel/Restaurant Management training course is a broadly based program of studies in the hospitality and tourism industries that provides extensive background knowledge and procedural training in multiple administrative tasks. Coverage includes hotels, resorts, restaurants, fast food outlets, tourism, and private clubs. All aspects of financing, construction, operations, and staff management are included.
Hotel & Restaurant Management Course Details »
Real Estate Appraiser
Stratford’s Real Estate Appraiser business training course prepares you for a career in residential and commercial property evaluation. All aspects of real estate are covered, including inspection, analyzation, market values, legalities, taxation factors, transactions, and estimations. Advanced topics include brokerage concepts and ethics.
Real Estate Appraiser Course Details »
Start Your Own Business
Our Start Your Own Business course guides you through the organization, marketing, and financing of starting and managing a small business operation. Special segments cover retail, service, and manufacturing businesses, as well as options for buying a business. Key areas where knowledge and skill will make or break a new operation are given special attention.
Start Your Own Business Course Details »
Travel & Tourism
The Travel & Tourism career course offers complete training for starting and managing a travel agency and covers all key aspects of the hospitality and tourism industries as they relate to agency activities. Technical information such as booking air or ship travel is blended with background on trends and culture. Extensive sections then deal with all aspects of the travel agency business from timesharing to selling cruises, with focus on counseling skills and customer relations.
Travel & Tourism Course Details »
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