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Medical Career Training Courses

Dental Assistant
Dental Assistants help dentists in a variety of tasks. They are often the first professionals the patient sees and they work directly with both the dentist and the patient. From X-Rays to sterilizing instruments, record keeping and billing, the duties of the Dental Assistant are among the most comprehensive and varied in the dental office.
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Fitness & Nutrition
Stratford's Fitness & Nutrition course offers in-depth training on the nature and scope of fitness, and the industries which support it. Technical training is provided in areas such as cardiorespiratory endurance, improvement of muscular strength and flexibility, weight control, nutrition, and the management of stress. Various fitness programs and their special considerations are highlighted. There is a special lesson on fitness-related injuries.
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Health Care Aide
The topics covered in our comprehensive Health Care Aide program include a broad range of medical, human relations, and technical skills. Background sections trace areas such as medical terms and abbreviations, and anatomy and physiology of major body organs and systems. Nursing tasks such as bedmaking, personal care, measuring temperature and blood pressure, and transporting a patient are presented. Specialized topics include many items such as care of a diabetic patient, postoperative nursing care, geriatric care, and the terminally ill patient.
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Medical Office Assistant
Through the Medical Office Assistant course, the student receives thorough training in the administrative aspects of running a private practice. This can include telephone procedures, computerized billing and recall systems, insurance, prescriptions, banking, bookkeeping, and a host of other topics.
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Medical Transcriptionist
Stratford's Medical Transcriptionist program combines the diversity of office administration skills with the fascinating aspects of the medical profession. You’ll get practical, comprehensive career education in medical terminology, records and reports, and body systems. Ethical and legal responsibilities are covered in detail to give students a thorough understanding of the functions of a medical transcriptionist. Multi-media training aids allow students to become involved in practical, real-life medical case studies.
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Natural Health Consultant
The Natural Health Consultant course provides a broad based knowledge of the disciplines of homeopathy, herbal medicine, chiropractic treatments, osteopathy, acupuncture, and several related fields. You will acquire the ability to advise and help direct people to treatments in alternative medicines, or natural health services that will be the most beneficial for their individual needs.
Natural Health Consultant Course Details »
Pharmacy Assistant
The Pharmacy Assistant course prepares you to work as a professional in the pharmaceutical industry. This preparation will allow you to interpret product information and communicate clearly with other medical professionals and your clients. Topics include: medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, and pharmacology.
Pharmacy Assistant Course Details »
Physical Therapy Aide
Our Physical Therapy Aide course offers in-depth training for a career as a physical therapy aide. Physical therapy aides help make the therapy session productive, under the direct supervision of a Physical Therapist or a Physical Therapy Assistant. Most employers require the physical therapy aide to have strong interpersonal skills and a desire to assist people in need.
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Relaxation Therapist
The Relaxation Therapist course is a career level study program which focuses on a wide variety of strategies and methodologies for dealing with stress-related health issues. Some of the main topics covered include stress management, relaxation techniques, behavior change interventions, and bodywork. Ideally suited to those with a desire to provide assistance and relief to those suffering from the harmful effects of stress.
Relaxation Therapist Course Details »
Veterinary Assistant
Stratford's Veterinary Assistant course prepares the student for career level positions in animal care, with particular emphasis on the needs and procedures of a modern veterinary practice. Subject matter includes a blend of technical and administrative topics ranging from anatomy and physiology to medical records and client relations. A partial listing of other topics includes animal behavior, medical nursing, laboratory procedures, and livestock practice.
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