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Physical Therapy Aide

Distance Learning Course Summary
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Physical Therapy Aide

Stratford's physical therapy aide course is designed to provide you with practical and fundamental information about the work of a physical therapy aide.

Physical therapy aides often work closely with physical therapists and physical therapy assistants to provide the most comfortable and productive sessions for patients.

A physical therapy aide is often responsible for keeping the treatment area clean and well organized, and might escort patients in wheelchairs, perform clerical duties, or order supplies.

Stratford's convenient home study program is designed to help you learn the skills and actions involved in this career field. Our proven distance learning methods allow you to learn quickly and could potentially give you a competitive edge in the job market. Why wait? Enrol today!
Physical Therapy Aide Module 1
Medical Terminology

Basic Word Structure
Suffixes and Prefixes
Organization of the Body
Body Systems and Their Functions
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures
Common Abbreviations and Symbols

Physical Therapy Aide Module 2
Introduction to Physical Therapy

The Rehabilitation Team
The Role of the Physical Therapy Aide
Career Opportunities for the Physical Therapy Aide
Medical Ethics and Medical Law
Legal Issues in the Workplace
Communicating Effectively in the Physical Therapy Setting
Medical Terminology and the Medical Record
Understanding the Patient's Medical Records

Physical Therapy Aide Module 3
Scientific Principles, Medical Disorders, and Safety Issues

Basic Structure and Function of the Human Body
Applied Anatomy and Physiology of the Musculoskeletal System
Joints and Movement
Diseases and Disorders of Bones and Joints
Using Physical Therapy to Treat Common Medical Disorders
Using Physical Therapy to Treat Burns and Amputation
Using Physical Therapy to Treat Genitourinary Disorders
Safety in the Workplace
Practicing Good Body Alignment and Movement
Asepsis and Infection Control
Performing Proper Hand Washing
The Human Skeleton
Major Muscles of the Body

Physical Therapy Aide Module 4
Patient Preparation and Physical Therapy Modalities

Preparation for Patient Care
Body Mechanics, Verbal Commands and Transporting Techniques
Turning and Positioning the Patient
Supine, Prone, Side-lying, and Sitting Positions
Transferring the Patient
Preparation for Beginning of Transfer
Standing, Sitting, and Bathtub Transfers
Drawsheet Transfers
Pneumatic Lift Transfers
One-person Transfers from Floor to Wheelchair
Assisting with Ambulation and Gait Training
Therapeutic Exercises
Range-of-motion Exercises
Physical Therapy Agents and Modalities
Heat Therapies and Cold Therapies
Specialized Clinical Procedures
Traction, Ultrasound, Casts, and Reflex Tests

This program is specifically designed to serve as an introduction or enhancement of the theoretical knowledge required for the vocational application of this subject. It is intended to help individuals in the furtherance of their vocational training and is not intended as a substitute for licensing or certification requirements, which may include an apprenticeship or additional training, as required by law.

We take great pride in providing you with the most up-to-date textbooks and equipment. One or more of the above-mentioned subjects may, therefore, change if updating becomes necessary during the course of your studies. The order in which the material is presented may vary.

Physical Therapy Aide Program

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